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Prices of Potassium Chloride (October 23, 2023) Comefrom:CISIA    AddDate:2023-10-24    Hit:165

This week, the domestic market price of potassium chloride remained unchanged compared to last week, with imported products generally increasing by 50 yuan/ton. The price of 60% potassium chloride powder and crystal arriving at the station for large factories is 2660 yuan/ton, while the price of 57% potassium chloride powder leaving the factory for small factories in Qinghai is 2250 yuan/ton, both of which are the same as last week; 62% of the port's white potassium is self extracted at 2850 yuan/ton, 60% red particles of the port's are self extracted at 2900 yuan/ton, and 62% white potassium of the border trade vehicle board is at 2800 yuan/ton, both of which are increased by 50 yuan/ton compared to last week.