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Busy with preparing fertilizers for the spring ploughing Comefrom:China Customs    AddDate:2023-03-07    Hit:355

Recently, a ship loaded with imported compound fertilizers arrived at the Dongjiangkou wharf in Huangpu. After the inspection of the Xingang Customs under the supervision of Huangpu Customs, the import of 123mts of fertilizers was successfully completed, which would soon be put into domestic spring farming production.

In order to facilitate the efficient customs clearance of imported agricultural materials, the Xingang Customs has advanced its services, actively contacted the fertilizer import enterprises, grasped the enterprise preparation plan, and guided the standardized declaration of various agriculture-related materials. At the same time, the "green channel" service window will be opened to optimize the business process by guiding enterprises to declare in advance, paperless customs clearance, online business and inspection appointment.

The customs actively coordinates the terminal enterprises, superimposes intelligent supervision modes such as smart checkpoints and intelligent loading and unloading, reduces the time of port circulation, and realizes "inspection upon arrival". In combination with the inspection and control situation, the customs office carries out special quality and safety risk monitoring on the whole category of imported chemical fertilizers, and fully promotes the import of chemical fertilizers and agricultural materials to a new level.

"The customs guided us to complete the pre-audit procedures, improved the standardization of the declaration, avoided the customs clearance obstacles caused by the non-standard declaration, and effectively ensured the timely supply of imported fertilizer," said Li Xuehua, an agent of the customs declaration enterprise of Huaken International Trade Co., Ltd.

According to statistics, since this year, Huangpu Xingang Customs has supervised the import of 807.9 tons of fertilizers with a value of 11.594 million yuan.